Yard Sale Reflections


Welp, we are officially adults!

Yesterday, we completed our first yard sale. We had perfect weather, and, thankfully, we made much more than we’d hoped for! In fact, we made what we’d hoped for in just one day. And the second day exceeded even that!

Okay, enough about how rich we got from our yard sale… You know how it is, when you rake in all that cash from selling your junk…

In all seriousness, though, we had a really good time doing a yard sale and are thankful that we did it. Aside from getting some extra cash, and minimizing some of our material possessions, two things stuck out to us from this experience.

First, we were reminded of the reality that getting rid of things is freeing. I remember one of the first ideas that grabbed me, while listening to¬†The Minimalists, was the fact that so many Americans have so much stored away, when people could actually use it, or possibly even need it. I remember thinking through what we had in our basement, and how we’ve hardly used any of it in the four years we’ve lived here.

As we began to process through this idea of Minimalism and how having fewer possessions allows more time to spend on what really matters, we became more and more aware of how much stuff we had. And we aren’t even 30 yet! It’s crazy how quickly it can invade and nearly take over.

But getting rid of things frees us not only from the upkeep of our possessions, allowing us to spend time on what and whom really matters. There is something special about selling or giving something away (that you no longer use or that no longer adds value to your life) to someone who gets a lot of joy from it.

For example: we sold a toy that our son never really cared for to one of our neighbors, and many times since then, we’ve seen the mom and child playing with it across the street.

Joy is found in giving.

The second thing that stuck with us was the fact that yard sales bring communities together. In fact, we have lived here for over four years, and we did not know the majority of the people that came to our house. We met some really great people that we would have never known about had we not have had a yard sale. We had many great conversations, as well as some intense laughter.

Because of this, we decided that if we ever move, we want to have a yard sale quite quickly, so that we can meet those who live near us.

In the end, yard sales are tiring and very time consuming. But, while I hope that it isn’t very soon, I look forward to the next one.